Cycle 5

  • First place: Motor Vehicle & Driver's License (MVDL) Electronic Notifications 
  • Second Place: OA Document Solutions
  • Third place: A New Dimension in Laboratory Supplies

Cycle 4

The fourth cycle of the Show Me Challenge concluded on December 11th, where nine teams were selected as finalist. For the first time virtually, the teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges made up of state government senior leaders. The presentations were exceptional in quality and captured important services the state provides to its' citizens.

Cycle 3

In the third cycle of the Show Me Challenge, nine finalist teams competed before a panel of judges comprised of state government senior leaders. Throughout the presentation, our judges looked at quality, practicality, and potential for impact.

Cycle 2

In the second cycle of the Show Me Challenge, nine finalist teams gave high-quality pitches to the panel of judges. The judges were impressed with all the pitches and thought all the ideas deserved to be implemented.

Cycle 1

In the first-ever Show Me Challenge, finalists’ pitched ideas ranging from ways to improve citizen service to cutting bureaucratic processes. The judges were really encouraged by the work of all the teams. The first cycle finalists set the bar high for future Show Me Challenge competitors.